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When transporting the office to the new premises, the management of the company already has enough cares, therefore, by choosing the services of Komanda24, you can be sure that the transportation of the office will not become a matter of concern.

SIA Komanda 24, director Aleksandrs

  • Free consultations and joint planning of transportations.
  • Fast execution of the work in order not to delay the work of the company.
  • Confidentiality.
  • We are working seven days a week and the moving can be scheduled on a weekend, so that everything necessary from the old office would already be transported to the new premises when the employees return to their work after the weekend.
  • We are transporting everything from the documents to fragile office equipment, which requires a particularly careful transportation.
  • The work is carried out by the specialists with vast experience in the field of transportation of offices.
  • Favorable prices.

Time is money, therefore, by trusting us the transportation of the office, you save both of them!

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