About us

Professionalism, punctuality, ability to find a solution in non-standard situations and individual approach to each customer – these are just a few qualities that characterize us as reliable collaboration partner in your everyday life and work.
We offer:
moving services
freight transportation of household appliances, furniture, construction materials, waste materials etc., using trucks.
moving apartments, offices, houses, warehouses, factories, public authorities

Our goal is to provide the best solution for a reasonable price. We work twenty-four seven, in the whole territory of Europe.

Phone: +371 20167006

Our company has a licence for commercial transportation.


We use only clean and safe vehicles that are in perfect technical condition!

Best car for:
household carriage
furniture carriage
transport carriage
debris carriage
furniture carriage
We offer:
carriage service,
packaging service,
stacking service, montage/de-montage specialists

Our team is reliable experts, knowledgeable, powerful and accurate as well.


Call +371 20167006 to get exact price calculation.


We offer services of packing, loading, assembly and disassembly specialists, who are outstanding experts in their field – skilled, strong and careful.

We also provide services of labourers for agricultural and garden work, construction etc.


Call +371 20167006 to get exact price calculation.


Latvia/Europe Price (€/h)
Car with 1 loader 24€
Car with 2 loaders 34€

Loaders without a car: 10 €/h

* Departure without a minimum order.
*** In our fleet: XXL minibuses, stake body tarpaulin and box type trucks with lift.

1-hi Call
Service cost clarification.

2-hi Transfer services
truck We will be in 30 minutes, since the call is received or at your desired time.

3-hi Freight handling team
A professional and experienced team that will help you to carry any kind of load.

Call +371 20167006 to get exact price calculation.